Octopus: n. /äktəpəs/ Characterized by its eight arms, octopodes are among the most intelligent and behaviorally diverse of all invertebrates. They inhabit diverse areas, with an array of creative survival strategies. 


Octopus Properties Inc: A real estate acquisition and renovation corporation concentrating in the District of Columbia and Baltimore City, known for its ability to juggle eight elements to any project simultaneously. 

CEO, President

With a background in multitasking, marketing, advertising, decision making and real estate, Melissa brings ideas from all over the world to incorporate into her projects here at home. As a Maryland native, and residing in the district for over 6 years, she has a comprehensive knowledge of the area, friends in all fields of development, banking, construction, permiting and real estate. 


Our philosophy is to build healthy business relationships through honesty, strong work ethic and efficiency with a strong attention to detail. Lets create something beautiful.



Se habla espanol.

Chief Engineer

With 30 years experience and his Professional Engineering license in MD and VA, Jim is a quintessential part of this team.